Introducing the Modern Day Rifleman Network

In 2020 Modern Day Sniper set the standard for digital instruction in the worlds of the modern day sniper and the modern day rifleman. We host these masterclasses within the Modern Day Rifleman Network.

The masterclasses below focus on the core competencies that we believe to be critical in your journey as a rifleman. Nowhere else can you find a more high quality, detailed and systematic approach to communicating these subjects in a digital format. Our staff is comprised of qualified military or law enforcement snipers that possess not only experience in their craft, but they also possess the passion of being mentors and teachers.

*If you have already purchased MDS Masterclasses in our old platform, please reach out to for instructions on how to gain access in our new system.


The webinars below are our MOST popular from the Modern Day Rifleman Monthly subscription service! You can sample our teaching style for a one time drop in fee or join our growing network by clicking the link below.

Each month our subscribers get a ton of content; 2x of these online seminars, a monthly training drill with a guided practice session from one of our instructors, and an opportunity to ask questions in one of our live question and answer sessions. 

What’s the Modern Day Rifleman Network? This is our online community that hosts our digital masterclasses and our online monthly training subscription service. It’s the easiest place we’ve found to organize our digital training packages, and it comes with an awesome bonus; a private social network that discerning shooters like yourself can share information free of all the undesirable aspects of traditional social media. 

WEBINAR: Tech Talk 009 - Intro To Wind

Wind is the greatest equalizer in long range shooting, whether you're a professional or a novice shooter. It doesn't care about your perfect hand loads or perfect trigger press. We'll talk you through the basics of wind, how it affects our bullet and the systematic approach we take to making a wind call!

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WEBINAR: Tech Talk 011 - Intro to Reloading Series, Part 1: Finding an Optimal Charge Weight

This is the first webinar in a new "Intro To Reloading" series as we dive into the mix of what reloading is all about. Our first class will dive into the science of internal ballistics and what considerations we have to take when looking for that "optimal" load that works everywhere. This is going to touch on barrel vibrations, nodes and anti-nodes, pressure curves and the variables we can control to find that secret sauce.

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