ALERT: We are Moving the MDS Schoolhouse! 


The purpose of this message is to let you know that we’ve moved to a new platform that we think is a far better fit for what we’re building at Modern Day Sniper. Our goal is to shut this one down by December 31st, 2021. 

Benefits of the new community platform are:

  • Our own private community and network of like-minded shooters, that you can interact with
  • A place to post questions, comments, articles, blogs and vlogs similar to a social media newsfeed, without the drama of social media
  • Our newly released Modern Day Rifleman and Modern Day Sniper Monthly Subscription Service, with monthly live lectures
  • Mobile App - Mighty Network
  • Best way to stay informed about Precision Rifle Shooting In-Person classes & Live Events
  • Links to purchase Modern Day Sniper Merchandise
  • Military & First Responder Discount groups for easy purchase
  • Want to talk to Caylen & Phil directly? This is no doubt the best place to catch them. 

More questions? Email [email protected]

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An Opportunity for Every Rifleman

NEW RELEASE: Positional Shooting Masterclass

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Meet your MDS Lead Instructors 

Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience producing some of the world's most feared and respected snipers, as well as some of the nation's most skilled competitors and hunters. We're in the business of communicating no B.S. information on precision shooting. That means we've got to put our money where our mouths are, and do it every day. Being a modern day rifleman is a lifestyle. We live it. As teachers of the craft, we believe your success is our success. 


Let's Start With The Foundations. 

"Too many people are trying to learn the tricks of the trade before they learn the trade itself." 

FOUNDATION 1: Circle of Components


Let us coach you through the circle of components and show you how to lock down all the possible variables in your system. By the time you complete this training you’re going to have an in-depth understanding of your precision shooting system like you’ve never had before. You’ll know these components inside and out, and with that knowledge you’ll be able to troubleshoot eventual problems you’ll experience down the road on your own. 

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FOUNDATION 2: Fundamentals of Marksmanship


Shooting is a systematic process. There’s a lot going on in your brain when you get behind that riflescope. With all the points to consider with your body position, how you’re gripping the rifle, how you’re aiming; it’s a lot to remember, and honestly it’s really easy to just jump in and give it a go. Without understanding the process, and all the parts that go into that process it’s really easy to miss key components that will instantly unlock potential you never knew you had

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FOUNDATION 3: Introduction to Long Range 


In the Introduction To Long Range Shooting online course we’re taking you through OUR PROCESS of how our instructors gather data on their rifles preparing them for training, competitions, and hunts. We’re not only going to take you through the process, but we’re going to teach you the why behind every part of the process. We’ve learned that spending the time on the “why” undeniably produces a more competent shooter, maximizing your time learning. 

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Student Testimonial

"Any type of shooter, brand new or advanced, can learn a great deal of information or validate information they have to take with them to the next level. You definitely teach all types of learners and make learning new information very easy. I can't wait to take another class with you guys!"


Scott H. 

MDS Student, Alchemized in 2020

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