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Everyone has the right to train and shoot in a safe environment!

What is the single biggest contributing factor to firearms mishaps? Hands down, COMPLACENCY!

Rifle safety should be every shooter's highest priority. Firearms handling skills are perishable, and unless we’re reminded of them regularly we will succumb to complacency….

That’s when bad things happen. 

Haven’t had any formal firearms safety training yet? Or, maybe your last official firearms safety training was way back at hunter’s education? Need a refresher?


Ready to take your first step? Have a look at our Rifle Safety mini-course for FREE.


“We want to give ALL shooters the necessary and up-to-date information that they need to keep themselves safe in any shooting environment they go to. We’re seeing a HUGE influx of new shooters into the community, and that’s awesome, but we need everyone on the same page when it comes to safety. All of us have a responsibility to practice safe firearms handling skills, these are life rules for those of us who live a lifestyle with firearms .”

-Caylen W.