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September 10-11th, 2021 Technical Rifle Hunter Yakima, WA (12 slots left)

The Technical Rifle Hunter course will give you an introduction to stretching your legs by getting you in touch with a deeper technical understanding of what makes a “long range” shot come together. You’ll come away with understanding what you and your rifle can accomplish, and what’s a bit too far under your newfound skills. You’ll have a chance to see and shoot some modern hunting rifles and understand what makes them so relentlessly consistent. You’ll get an introduction to modern rifle scopes and understand that dials aren’t anything to be scared of. Best of all, you’re going to shoot, and shoot a lot!


Student Prerequisites


We recommend that our students that are new to the world of precision shooting first enroll themselves into the Circle of Components Seminar prior to attending Technical Rifle Hunter.  By taking the prior course you will have a working knowledge of your rifle set up and fit to you.  This assures that we are spending time teaching you the technical aspects of long range hunter shooting rather than troubleshooting gear. If you’re all set up, comfortable with a baseline, and ready to be an exceptional rifle hunter then this is the course for you!  


What you will learn...

  • Circle of Precision Shooting Components
  • Rifle and Scope Nomenclature
  • Ocular Focus and Parallax
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Intro to Ballistic Computers
  • Intro to Atmospheric Effects and Density Altitude
  • Projectile Selection
  • Terminal Bullet Performance
  • Intro to Wind Calling
  • Intro to Positional Shooting

More Information

We’ve all seen the many names out there for hunting oriented rifle courses. They’re kind of all over the place, so when we sat down to think about the message we wanted to convey to our customers, we were leaning heavy towards the “technical” rifle hunter. The essence of it is, there’s lots of rifle hunters out there, and based on where you’re hunting, and what you’re hunting, your level of technical proficiency with a rifle is going to vary greatly. A ground blind hunter in Texas doesn’t require near the technical proficiency with a rifle as a western hunter who could have the requirement to make shots after gaining 10,000’ in elevation after the rifle was initially zeroed.

“Long Range” hunting has gotten a lot of negative press, and from a wide arching perspective, with good reason. We’re not shying away from that, or trying to distance ourselves at all. In fact, we embrace every last bit of capability you have, as long as you’re using it responsibly. We shoot long at animals all the time, but we shoot enough to know exactly what’s going to happen when we press the trigger. Missing a piece of steel is one thing, but when an animal is the target, it deserves our utmost level of respect. As hunters, we take on a tremendous responsibility to know when an opportunity falls within our capabilities. Are you technically proficient enough with your rifle to place a bullet exactly where you need it to go? With steel, we want the bullet to hit. With an animal, we need the bullet to not miss, because “just a hit” isn’t good enough.